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The SAS Media Center is a creative collaboration of SAS community members who create positioning photos and videos about SAS, as well as educational and entertainment content.

The Media Center for SAS Students is a place where students are mentored by professionals to turn their creative ideas into real media content, gain hands-on experience working on the product at all stages of the production cycle, and try out different roles - from script writer and animator to sound designer and producer. All of this will be useful for future SAS graduates who not only want to grow in the field, but also want to understand how the media industry works in general.

media materials

  • Interviews with visiting experts, professors and SAS community;
  • High quality Pop Science series;
  • Positioning content;
  • Articles and publications on the website and social media;
  • Own student projects.


Hands-on skills

Getting started in media is difficult without community involvement and expensive without professional equipment.

The SAS Media Center solves both of these problems. First, students have access to cameras, lighting, and sound equipment at all times, as well as methodological support from experienced Media Center staff.

On the other hand, the students not only work on SAS projects, but they also develop their expertise on the sets of external projects. This allows them to both gain an understanding of how the media industry works and to network with professionals in the field for future career opportunities.

Unleash creative potential

The SAS Media Center is a place where creative "out of the box" concepts become real projects. Students can bring any idea to life and are not afraid to take on new roles - from producing videos to creating photography and writing articles. When, if not now?

Meet Like-Minded people

SAS Media Center projects involve students from a variety of grade levels. Each has a different focus and experience, but all share an interest in the broad concept of media. Together they form a community of like-minded people where they learn from each other, share ideas, test them, and realize the value of the work they are involved in.



  • Cameraman at educational and extracurricular events, interviews and open classes;
  • Work with equipment;
  • Editing material;
  • Work with color correction.


  • Work with infographics;
  • Creating subtitles for videos;
  • Motion design;
  • Digital media design.

Sound design

  • Manipulating previously composed or recorded sound;
  • Working with the musical content of video materials;
  • Applying sound effects;
  • Compositing sound recordings.


  • Photography of events (reportage), portraits and etc;
  • Retouching and color correction;
  • Preparation for publication and printing.

Copywriting and Scriptwriting

  • Scriptwriting for video content
  • Article writing for website and social networks
  • Text translation
  • Editing of interview texts, video material, subtitles, etc.

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