excellence track

The Excellence Track is a pathway designed for selected students to enrich and focus their experience after the first year of their study at SAS. Excellence students will have the opportunity to choose working on one of the two projects: tailoring course development and delivery skills or delving into doing interdisciplinary research in teams. Also, they will be challenged to work on global issues in the framework of intensive modules designed to develop academic skills and have meaningful experiences in Russia and abroad. All Excellence Track students complete the same number of Excellence hours and fulfill the same requirements depending on their project's objectives. 

what gives excellence track?


Complete 806H of studying complex and interdisciplinary subjects.


Pursue a track-related experiential learning opportunity such as intensive study modules in Russia and abroad, delivering seminars, or research projects.


Participate in organizing an international interdisciplinary conference for honors students from around the world with invited keynote speakers.


Engage in deep intellectual conversations among highly-trained academics and a cohort of curious minds.

intensive module

The intensive module is an intellectual space aimed at expanding the Excellence students’ knowledge and interests in working with complex and interdisciplinary subjects. This is achieved by students experiencing different modes of delivery: lectures, seminars, team and project work, and individual tasks. The Intensive modules are taught by external and invited professors from Russia and abroad. All modules are mandatory for Excellence students. Except those who plan to go an exchange semester abroad. They are required to develop an individual plan to substitute the modules they cannot attend. All modules take place in the break between the study quarters in different locations. The duration of the module lasts between three to four days.

international сonference

Part of the Excellence Track students’ experience is to collaborate a) among each other in organizing a joint international interdisciplinary conference, b) with other Excellence students from around the world in presenting groundbreaking students projects. The conference takes place in the Fall Semester. Participants will be invited to the SAS campus or join online. The conference proceedings will be published shortly after the conference conclusion.

excellence сertificate

In addition to the Bachelor Diploma, students who complete the Excellence track will receive a certificate of accomplishment. This certificate proves the number of hours per project work and other activities completed in the Excellence Track’s framework.