what are the minimal language requirements to be considered?

The minimal English test scores are the following: IELTS — 7.0, TOEFL — 94.

are there any other scholarships i can enter SAS for free with?

what if i do not know any russian?

You do not need to know Russian if you want to study at SAS.

will i have a chance to study russian?

Yes, we can organize an introductory course. You also will be able to join the Russian Speaking Club.

how long should i wait before the results of admission are sent?

It takes around a week (from the date of the request) for an Admission Committee to decide if your documents are in order and you can take the entrance exams.

what does major mean and why does it start only from year 3?

SAS curriculum is based on the “2+2 model”. This means that the first two year of the Bachelor’s Degree students study the same core courses and are free to choose various electives that are aimed to introduce different majors that start as of Year 3. Upon completion of the first two years students are to declare a major, which in other words means “major area of focus”. SAS offers 7 different majors. A major consists of more advanced courses that build up on the knowledge that students obtained in the first two year of study. The degree that the student graduate with depends on the chosen major, e.g. Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Cultural Studies and other.

For the first two years all international students study in Arts and Humanities major, until they declare their choices at the end of Year 2.

what is a conditional offer of admission?

A conditional offer of admission means that a student is going to be admitted to the university after meeting certain requirements that are not met at the moment when the application is submitted. Those requirements include: submission of the translation of the passport and High School Diploma to Russian Language, completing the first installment of the tuition fees (for fee paying students), submitting hard copies of legalized documents (High School Diploma) to the Admission Committee.

what minimum amount of points must i receive for the entrance exams to be enrolled?

(01) The English language test: not less than 60 out of 100 points;

(02) Essay: not less than 55 out of 100 points;

(03) Interview: not less than 55 out of 100 points.

what documents do i need to prepare for my enrollment?

The following documents have to presented to Admission Committee in hard copies upon arrival:

  • Passport or non-citizen travel documents;
  • A notarized Russian translation of your passport;
  • Official educational documents with an academic transcript indicating the subjects you studied and the grades (points) you received;
  • A notarized Russian translation of the official educational documents that must be duly legalized. You can read about legalization here.

Reminder: For submitting an application and taking entrance exams a student can submit documents in English. Translated documents are needed at the later stage for the official enrollment procedure.

do i need a visa to study in Russia?

Yes, you need a student visa to study in Russia. We will be able to provide you with an invitation letter only after you successfully pass entrance exams and accept the conditional admissions offer. It takes 21 working days (from the date the International Relations Department submits your documents at the Federal Migration Service) for it to be issued.

how to get to Tyumen?

There are more than five daily connections from the Moscow airports to Tyumen. The flight takes 2,5 hours. Sheremetyevo (SVO) to Tyumen: Aeroflot. Domodedovo (DME) to Tyumen: S7 Airlines, Yamal, and Ural Airlines. Vnukovo (VKO) to Tyumen: Utair. Check the Aviasales website (a Russian equivalent of the Skyscanner online travel agency) to find the best option. Tyumen is well-connected to the most major Russian cities by train. The ticket from Moscow to Tyumen costs ~5,000.00 RUB (~80.00 USD). The ride takes about 30 hours. Check the Russian Railways website.

what is the weather like in Tyumen?

Tyumen’s climate is very changeable and is significantly different from the weather typical for Central Russia. In general, it is classified as a humid continental climate. Winter in Tyumen lasts from three to four months. Summer lasts for about three months, but it is quite warm. The average temperature in January is –15ºС / 5°F (the coldest month of the year). The average temperature in July is +24ºС / 75°F (the warmest month of the year).

what clothes should i bring with me?

We recommend you to think carefully about the winter clothes. Make sure you have (or are ready to buy) the following items: a warm jacket, jumpers, a beanie, a pair of gloves, a scarf, thick socks, leggings or thick tights, boots.

how much is a cost of living in Tyumen?

Tyumen consistently ranks near the top in Russia for its standard of living, infrastructure, safety, and quality of medical care. If you do not plan to rent an apartment and stay in a dormitory, you need between 20,000.00 RUB and 25,000.00 RUB (between 315.00 USD and 400.00 USD) per month to live well.

Check the cost of living comparison between your city and Tyumen. 

where is the dormitory? how much does it cost?

SAS students live in a brand new dormitory in a 15-minute walk from SAS. Check the video tour here. Price depends on the room type. It varies from 1800.00 RUB (~30.00 USD) to 2500.00 RUB (~40.00 USD) per month.

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