director’s address

SAS is built around three core principles: internationality, interdisciplinarity, and experimentation.

SAS is the most international BA program and one of the most international research centers in Russia, operating mostly in English. International scope provides SAS with direct access to various research approaches and educational models, maximizing its intellectual potential.

SAS is not divided into academic departments; our faculty and students inhabit shared interdisciplinary space and engage in a continuous dialogue across disciplinary borders. We believe that challenges facing our nation and humanity at large necessitate a fundamental interdisciplinary approach, so we work to develop a complex multifaceted understanding of the world among our students.

SAS recognizes that modern higher education is facing the most serious challenges related to the development of artificial intelligence. Despite the emphasis on face-to-face interaction between students and faculty, we are also actively engaged in experimentation with AI technologies.
Our goal is to make classical education both better and more relevant in the evolving world.

SAS has been operating for seven years. We managed to create a unique world with a strong identity yet open to collaboration with partners, both local and remote. I look forward to welcoming new students, faculty, colleagues, and guests to SAS.

Andrey Shcherbenok, PhD
Director, School of Advanced Studies (SAS)

about school

The School of Advanced Studies (SAS) at the University of Tyumen was established in 2017 as part of the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5top100.

SAS, being a strategic project of the University, served as a laboratory for the development and testing of contemporary higher education elements, including individualized educational pathways, the “2+2” system, and the core curriculum program. At the same time, SAS has emerged as a magnet for prospective students from various regions across Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, seeking a distinctive educational experience.

The overarching strategic goal of SAS is to position itself as a leader in the integration of artificial intelligence tools within higher education. Such an objective entails the development and testing of customized solutions that significantly improve the quality of complex academic courses. These innovative solutions will not only be implemented across the University of Tyumen but also have the potential to be adopted by universities throughout the country.