Free will, consciousness, cognition

03 june 2021

While concepts such as free will, consciousness, and cognition (FWCC) were initially studied by philosophers – including by almost all ‘big names’ –, nowadays these topics are actively investigated in several disciplines. Many contemporary researchers find inspiration in other disciplines than their home field to enrich their research. 

This conference brings together experts on free will, consciousness, and cognition from various disciplinary origins, notably philosophy, AI, neuroscience, and physics. 

Key topics at the workshop (this is not an exhaustive list): 

Contemporary scholarship on free will, consciousness, cognition in the mentioned disciplines, with special interest for cross-disciplinary research 

Artificial FWCC in AI-research and (quantum) physics 

Artificial consciousness and ethics in AI and robotics. How far are we from artificial consciousness and superintelligence in AI? How to get there? 

Free will and (in)determinism: insights from various disciplines