Exploring the Impact of Modern Machines and Technology on Work

02 may 2023

On May 4th at 17:30, SAS Professor Siyaves Azeri from SAS will conduct an open seminar “Modern Machines and Labor” at the Kontora Parohodstva.

Have you ever wondered about the influence of modern economy and widespread technology implementation on individuals, their perception of work, and their self-identity in the workplace?

Technologies and machines have undoubtedly accelerated the production process and enhanced overall productivity. On the one hand, work becomes less labor-intensive, and working conditions improve. However, in some cases, workers become mere cogs in the production chain, no longer engaged in creative or intellectual tasks. They begin to perceive themselves not only as individuals but also as parts of a machinery that must function flawlessly.

The open seminar will complement the exhibition “Business Only, Darling,” which focuses on the human resource aspect and the place and value of individuals within a larger system. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and express their opinions regarding the future of such a system.

Siyaves will deliver the seminar in English, with assistance from SAS students who will help with translation and provide explanations of the key discussion points.