SAS Faculty about International Relations Major

24 may 2023

What is International Relations major of SAS and what opportunities for prospective students pursuing this field at SAS?

In our new video, SAS professor delves into the world of “International Relations” and uncovers the incredible prospects awaiting aspiring students in this field. Today, it is more important than ever to comprehend how countries interact on various levels, and SAS stands out as one of the premier destinations in Russia for studying these dynamic processes. SAS has full-time faculty members from 13 countries, with not only extensive experience living and working in several countries, but also research expertise in various aspects of their economies, cultures, social structures, and political organization.

Are international relations solely confined to politics and the realm of global organizations?

Certainly not. While politics and global organizations are significant aspects of international relations, they are by no means the sole focus. International relations encompass a broad range of disciplines, including economics, culture, diplomacy, security, human rights, and more. It's a multidimensional field that examines the interactions and interdependencies between nations, non-state actors, and individuals on a global scale. By studying international relations at SAS, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and nuances that shape our interconnected world. 

Join us in watching this video as we unravel the truth behind international relations and explore the multitude of possibilities it offers. Gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge SAS program, “International Relations” with admissions opening on June 20th.