A Profile Desired by Students

28 april 2023

“Your job is not to answer questions, but to ask them”, Siyaves Azeri.

The SAS program has always offered numerous courses with philosophical themes, notably the mandatory course “Philosophy: Great Books”. However, there hasn't been a specific “Philosophy” track within SAS. Inspired by working with philosophy professors, many students lamented the lack of an opportunity to specialize in philosophy. Now, that opportunity has arrived.

We are unveiling what has been hidden in plain sight: the direction and specialization of “Philosophy: Philosophical Dialogue in a Deglobalizing World”. It is a profile in which philosophers from different countries, together with students, will define the contours of a new space for discussing fundamental questions about the universe.

Here's what current SAS students have to say about the new profile:

Many believe that philosophy is a detached and incomprehensible discipline, seemingly irrelevant to everyday life. However, for us, philosophy is about embracing diversity of approaches, modes of thought, and forms of knowledge that are crucial for a post-global citizen. Philosophy at SAS is geared towards interdisciplinary dialogue from a cross-cultural and transhistorical perspective. This means that students will immerse themselves in this discipline through not only traditional philosophy courses but also various electives that explore both ancient and contemporary questions, placing them on the forefront of experimental thinking. We understand that engaging with existential questions can be an arduous journey. Who can help? Of course, the ultimate answer is no one! But at SAS, there is a team of philosophers from different countries working at the intersections of philosophy and other disciplines: Siyaves Azeri, Giacomo Andreoletti, Stanimir Panayotov, and Devin Wangert.

Document submission starts on June 20th.

Information about the SAS admission process is available here.