Nemocentrism by Stanimir Panayotov

07 december 2022

Our professor Stanimir Panayotov was one of the scholars who presented their work at the Seminar organized at the Institution of Philosophy and Law, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

His presentation titled, “Nemocentrism” was based on concepts by Thomas Metzinger, Ray Brassier and Thomas Nagel. Stanimir posed questions in regard to the Self: What does it mean to be no one? Or, more precisely, what “it” is to be no one? And, most importantly, would it entail “not being someone” rather than “being no one”?

Nemocentrism is both a philosophical and experiential problem; however, in neuroscience Nemocentrism swirls around what is often experienced and considered a lack of self and/or subject/ivity.

Stanimir proposed including the assessment of the political ramifications of nemocentrism, or, what he calls, "nemocentric politics." Stanimir asks, "what does a society of “no ones” might look like? Why is it important to consider this as a real opportunity? What is the endgame behind hypothisizing that humanity can, eventually, scientifically override its own phenomenal self-model?"