Student Creative Release

28 march 2022

We feel it is crucial to encourage students' innovative and artistic potential within the academic process. Perhaps SAS is on the path towards having a creative cluster of our own?

A Creative Release was hosted at the SAS library, with over 10 different artworks, short films, installations, and performances from our Body/Culture/Self and Visual Culture courses student teams.

Supported and supervised by SAS professors, the students explored historical reality, fashion, visuality, the connection between society and the perception of one's body, and presented their view on a voyage over the city space. An interactive exhibition and a presentation were organized for the audience to get a more in-depth understanding of the artists' perspectives and underlying messages of the works. As a result of the event, the audience could vote for the projects that resonated with them most - although each of the student teams showcased great originality. The topics of the works presented involved:

  • Tyumen Shipping: Promotion of a History under Destruction
  • Unpacking Historical Reality
  • Know Thyself
  • Visuality that Scares