Excellence Track Adventures in Lukashino

12 march 2022

Last weekend, our Excellence Track students partook in an educational module, held in the beautiful set of the Lukashino research base. Conducted by Andrey Shcherbenok, Director, SAS, and our Professor Siyaves Azeri, the module aimed to help students discover historical mysteries and analyze them from the lens of different key philosophical and psychoanalytic theories.

Through studying film and literature pieces, our students formed ideas of the connection between theory and practice and, as a result, shared their findings in the form of group presentations. Our Excellence Track students also defended their projects inspired by the educational module (as a requirement) in course design and research proposals. The project topics varied from human behavioral patterns to the role of food in our lives, and several of them were chosen to be developed further, which is crucial involving students in curricula and research activities at SAS.

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