Strange Sociology

12 november 2021

This open course is an experiment in strangeness. It will explore the sociological and psychoanalytic concepts of strangers, strangeness, and the estranged.

We shall ask the following questions: (1) how is strangeness constitutive of the social bond? (2) what privileges and burdens exist among strangers? (3) how does the concept of strangeness fundamentally challenge the discipline of sociology?

We shall attempt to develop a theoretical foundation for “psychoanalytic sociology” by exploring themes within and across the classical and contemporary sociological theory.

Duane Rousselle is a sociological theorist and practicing psychoanalyst. After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology at the University of New Brunswick (Canada), Duane earned his PhD in Cultural Studies at Trent University (Canada) while simultaneously completing another PhD (ABD) in Philosophy, Media, and Communications at the European Graduate School (Switzerland). In Switzerland, Duane worked as an assistant to the notable social theorists and philosophers. His research aims to make interventions into sociology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and several cognate fields, by bringing them into some relation with topical events.