Dare to Experiment in Higher Education

27 june 2021

On June 27, SAS held the Dare to Experiment in Higher Education forum, which acted as a discussion platform on the topic of the transformation of contemporary universities.

Tradition lies at the core of higher education. Yet, universities must keep changing to stay afloat intellectually and institutionally. Experimentation allows us to walk the line between stability and innovation. Unlike parachuting foreign models, it is a way to borrow ideas while also ensuring that the solutions we develop fit the context.

Experiments are necessary for Russian universities to formulate their own answer to the key questions facing higher education. Who should control the educational design? Where does the educational vision come from? What should the role of a student really be? Does technology make a real difference? What determines universities’ transformation?

  • Leading experts in the field of higher education transformation
  • Four moderated discussions
  • Experience in implementing the Experimental Higher Education MA program