What Drives Leaders Who Make a Difference & What They Do to Manage the Change

10 марта 2023

Film screening / workshop with Andrey Shcherbenok.

Many people do not like the way certain things are around them. Some of them will complain forever, some will try to move somewhere they hope they will like it better, many will simply get used to things as they are. However, a few will try to become leaders and change the game.

In this workshop we will concentrate on this last category of dissatisfied people and discuss what drives them and what leadership requires to be successful. We will do it by watching a movie «Moneyball» (2011) scene by scene and discussing the motives and actions of its protagonist, the president of Oakland Athletics baseball team. Do NOT watch the film in advance (if you have not seen it yet). The screening and discussion will be conducted in English without translation.

When? Sunday, March 19 | 13:00—17:00 PM (Tyumen, GMT+5)

Where? SAS, room 501

The workshop is open to public but is by invitation only. If you want to attend, send your name, place of work/study, and 150-word motivation paragraph (in English) where you explain why you are interested.

Please, send you applications to Ahmed Elghandour at a.elghandour@utmn.ru by 23:59 Wednesday, March 15. We will be sending out invitations on Thursday, March 16.