Walking and Mapping Bilbao

On March 26 we will have a guest lecture “Walking and Mapping Bilbao” by Monika Madinabeitia Medrano and Aitor Zuberogoitia Espilla from Mondragon University (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain). The lecture will be conducted in the frames of the course “Creative Cities”.

Monika and Aitor invite us to a virtual walk at Bilbao and marking the most interesting and significant points on the map together.

Our conversation will start with an introduction to the theoretical basics of city spaces research and contemplation on the most unusual ways and instruments of such research.

After that, two Mondragon University students will share their experience about how those creative tasks looked in reality, and we will open the space for a discussion on the similarities and differences between Bilbao and Tyumen.

Date and time: 26 of March 2021, 7.20 PM Tyumen time (GMT+5) / 5.20 PM Moscow time (GMT+3).

Place: School of Advanced Studies of the University of Tyumen, 2/1 8 Marta St., room 501.

The language is English.

The lecture is open to all students and employees of UTMN. Registration is not required. Please make sure to carry a face mask and a pass card.