On 27 of March and 3 of April, SAS professors invite you for a documentary screening about the fate of humanity and threats that could bring us to an irreversible catastrophe.

SAS professors, Juliette Colinas and Matvey Lomonosov have prepared a list of movies that would make us think about the significance of the projects connected to sustainable development such as an improvement of health protection, gender equality, dealing with the climate change consequences, poverty, and hunger.

Tomorrow | France, 2015

Directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

RARS: 16+

Tomorrow reflects the idea of the possible death of humanity. It unwraps concrete initiatives of specialists from 10 countries who work in different areas: agriculture, energetics, education, and management. The movie received the 2016 César Award for best documentary and broad public attention in Europe and beyond, including from governments. Interestingly, it also led several citizen groups to launch their own project initiatives after they became inspired by the film.

After Tomorrow | France, 2018

Directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

RARS: 16+

Thus in the second film, After Tomorrow, the directors visit these newly created initiatives to find out whether they, three years later, have survived and taken on, and what their challenges have been, thereby presenting a case study of the power and limitations of film to encourage sustained change.

The format

  • (01) Movie screening.

    We will be watching a European documentary in the French language with English subtitles.

  • (02) Debates and discussion.

    After the screening, the viewers will have an opportunity to take part in a discussion moderated by SAS professors.

When: On 27 of March and 3 of April, at 5.40 (Tyumen, GMT+5).

Where: 8 Marta street 2k1, SAS, room 312

Language of the event is English.

The screening is open to the students and staff of UTMN. Please make sure to carry a face mask and a pass card at all times.

It will be possible to join the screenings online via Zoom. Pre-registration is required.