The School of Advanced Studies (SAS) opens its doors over again for the 9th and 10th grade students as the Endless Futures and Human Limitations summer school is finally back to the offline reality. The summer school will be conducted in English.

Julie Reshe, a philosopher, blogger, and the SAS professor, is its creative director. Under her guidance, SAS will turn into a monster laboratory for one week.

Monsters are weird. They surprise and amaze you. They are more like mutants, aliens, cyborgs or pokemon rather than ordinary people. Philosopher Antonio Negri defines monsters as those who, while belonging to the established order that generated them, radically differ from it.

The mission of this summer school is to create a safe space for monstrosity, where alternative futures will be shaping for a period of a week. What new quirky ideas can these “monsters” generate when brought together? Will they be able to come up with a future world in which each of them will find a place?

Participants will work with the SAS professors from different countries who have graduated from the world’s best universities. The best participants of the summer school will receive additional points to the USE scores to enter SAS.

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In order to participate in the preliminary round, you need to send the following application to by May 3, 23:59 (Tyumen time):

Your brief CV stating your full name (including patronymic) in Russian and your family and first name in English, as well as your birth date, your grade and school’s number, city, email, phone number and achievements.

A 90-second video in English on one of the following topics:

What made you the way you are?


How do you fit or do not fit in the city you live in?

There is no participation fee. Meals and lodging will be covered by SAS.