December 15 from 10:00 to 15:00


10:00 to 12:30

Life, Death, and Resurrection: Soviet Leadership Cults

  • Sofya Fedorova – The Second Coming of the Vozhd’: Messianic Time in the Cult of Lenin
  • Ella Imgart – Television Coverage of Leonid Brezhnev’s Funeral
  • Vladislav Siyutkin — Defending Lenin’s Monument in Tyumen: The Struggle for Aesthetics, Ideology and Functionality

Gender in Soviet Visual Propaganda

  • Valerie Orlova – Visual Representation of Lenin’s Speeches one Women in Propaganda Posters
  • Daria Yagafarova – The Female Gaze in Soviet Visual Propaganda
  • Anastasia Nagornova – Gender and War: Transvestism in Soviet Visual Propaganda

The New Soviet Person and the New Life

  • Asya Budagyan – The Rusakov Worker’s Club at the Service of Creating the New Soviet Person
  • Karina Meydi – New Dress for a New Historical Era
  • Daria Vshikova – Children of the State: Bezprizorniki and the Children’s Labor Communes of the NKVD in “SSSR na stroike”



1:30 to 15:00

Soviet Posters at War and at Peace

  • Arina Uskova – Between the Verbal and Non-verbal: Boris Klinch’s Photomontages of the Enemy
  • Darya Kozhevnikova – Binary Opposition in Koretsky’s Cold War Posters: Conflict between Socialism and Capitalism
  • Darya Zykova – Worker, Peasant, and Cosmonaut: Rethinking Classes in the Era of the Space Program

Trains, Paintings, and Print Campaigns: Varieties of Propaganda

  • Tatiana Ivanchenko – Civil War Agit-Trains as Nomadic Ideological Theater
  • Elizaveta Krylova – Socialist Realism: A Descendant of Critical Realism or Its adversary?
  • Yulia Khabibulina – Youths in the Field: The Virgin Lands as (Not) New Adventure