Sociology and Anthropology

The modern study of sociology and anthropology requires not only the study of sociological and anthropological theories and practical skills in sociological research, but also a deep understanding of social life in light of the opportunities afforded us by modern technology. In addition to the study of modern concepts of man and society, the major concentrates in a deep immersion in affiliated disciplines, from cultural studies to economics, as well as a mastery of the tools of quantitative analysis (quantitative methods, programming).


The Sociology and Anthropology major will focus on the social sciences by building upon a basic education as obtained in the first two years of study, and will provide the grounding necessary to analyze current problems of modern in the framework of the contemporary global research agenda.  Students will be able to apply knowledge derived from the program in their field work in the Tyumen region and beyond.


Required courses:
  • Theories of Praxis
  • Theories of Institutions
  • The Sociological Imagination
  • Economic Development and Modern Markets
  • Anthropology of the Internet
  • Social Research Methodologies (design studies, data collection, statistics, ethnography)