Sociological Imagination

The course aims to familiarize you with the discipline of sociology and prepare to take additional classes in social sciences. In North America and beyond this course often serves as a prerequisite for several other classes and is a key requirement for many social science majors. The course has four specific objectives:

  • to introduce you to common sociological subjects and concepts
  • to shed light on different perspectives within sociology
  • to encourage you to think deeply, critically, and coherently about our social world
  • to help you establish links between theory, problems, and policy

Notably, Sociological Perspectives are purposefully designed to spark interest in social sciences. In class you will learn how to be professional marijuana user, what are the social mechanics beyond student hook up, when education can lead to bigotry and ethnic violence, and what employers ultimately seek from you. In order to retain the greatest amount of knowledge, students are encouraged to raise both conventional and controversial questions in class and after.

By the end of Sociological Perspectives course you will be familiar with the sociological perspective, its key theories, concepts, ideas and insights. In addition, you will likely be well-equipped to use social scientific tools to analyze and think critically on social and political issues.

Matvey Lomonosov:

Matvey received his PhD in Sociology from McGill University in Montreal in 2018. Before that he earned a BA degree in History at Perm State University (Russia), an MA in International Relations at the University of Tirana (Albania) and an MA in Nationalism Studies at Central European University (Budapest). This multi-sited educational history has allowed him to professionally learn a number of Eastern European languages and to get broad experience in archival, ethnographic and interview research in the region. Some of his scholarly articles have been published in different languages in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the UK and Balkan countries. Before joining SAS he worked as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Tirana and McGill.