SAS Online

Moving online was especially challenging for SAS whose educational model is based upon close individualized interaction between students and faculty. Still, we managed to do it — below is the information of what is currently going on.

Most importantly, we want to use this opportunity to open up SAS educational space and invite everybody to join in. You are welcome to join several Open courses and classes taught by SAS international faculty and watch a lot of other interesting materials in the Extra section below.

(01) Q4 Schedule,

(03) Open Courses and Classes

Open Courses:

Rise and Fall of Complex Societies

This open course is a lecture part of an elective for SAS students. Classes are conducted on Zoom and are broadcast for the general audience on YouTube. You can leave your questions and comments for prof. Silverstein in the comment section on YouTube. He might answer some of them.

Gender, Sexuality and Biopolitics

This is the course for both SAS majors — Cultural Studies and Film and Media Studies. It consists of lectures and seminars on Zoom platform. You can join the course by registering. SAS students will get a priority in participating in the course. The language of the course is English.

Open Classes:

Elective “Still moving? Diasporas in comparative perspective”, Lecture “Indigeneity (continued) and the Greek Diaspora” by Matvey Lomonosov

May 4, 2:15 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English. 

Meeting ID: 858 2184 6928                                                                               
Password: 024860

Lecture “Long-Distance Nationalism and the Homeland: Imagining, Investing, Lobbying, Fighting” by Matvey Lomonosov

May 18, 2.15 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English.  

Meeting ID: 859 0828 2053                                                                               
Password: 021313

Lecture “Paradigmatic case: The Armenian diaspora” by Matvey Lomonosov

May 23, 2.15 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English.


Meeting ID: 847 0247 8309                                                                              
Password: 024324

Interactive Zoom lecture “Who waits migrants home? Diaspora-Homeland Strain” by Matvey Lomonosov

June 3, 2.15 p.m. (Tyumen, GMT+5). Language is Russian.

Meeting ID: 839 1795 1881                                                                          
Password: 460184

Elective “Sense of Humor”, Lecture “Bodies and Slapstick” by Peter Jones, 

May 6, 4:00 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English. 

Meeting ID: 867 8368 0614
Password: 027302

Elective “What is Anthropocene”, Seminar “Ecology and Capitalism” by Zachary Reyna 

May 7, 10:40 a.m. Tyumen time. Language is English. 

Requirements: participants should attempt to read the text prior to the meeting.
Password:  242699

Elective “Formal Logic”, Seminar “Derivations in Propositional Logic” by Giacomo Andreoletti

May 14, 10.40 a.m. Tyumen time. Language is English.

Meeting ID: 946 2602 5805
Password: 214886

Elective “Anthropological Archaeology”, Seminar with an open discussion component “Purity and pollution in archaeology” by Denis Sharapov 

June 1, 5:40 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English. 


Workshop "Time Management: How to Approach Writing Finals Wisely" by Tomasz Blusiewicz

May 11, 7:20 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English. 

Description: With a loaded study schedule, students tend to scramble their individual schedules. Let alone procrastination. This workshop focuses on giving the students the proper guidance in terms of managing their time. 


Society of the Spectacle Coronavirus — a broadcast of presentations from first-year students of the MA program "Digital Cultures and Media Production".

May 13, 7:30 p.m. Tyumen time. The language is Russian.

The broadcast will be held on YouTube for general audience.

The AWC Workshop “How to Coin The Title of Your Project” by Ahmed Elghandour

May 31, 6:00 p.m. Tyumen time. Language is English. 

We come up with titles in order to entice people and encourage them to read our projects with attention. The question is how to come up with a good one. Let's crack this together.


(04) Open Days Online

Уважаемые абитуриенты и родители!

Бакалавриат SAS — это англоязычное образование мирового уровня:

  • индивидуальный подход и интерактивное обучение: учебные группы до 20 человек на 80 % занятий;
  • свободный выбор более 1/3 учебных курсов;
  • профессора из 11 стран, большинство из которых получили докторскую степень (PhD) в университетах, входящих в топ-100 мировых рейтингов THE и QS;
  • 7 направлений подготовки;
  • выбор профиля после 2-го курса, дополнительная специализация по одному из 9 направлений;
  •  60 бесплатных мест в 2020 году.

Регистрируйтесь на День открытых дверей, который пройдет 25 апреля в режиме online, и узнайте о нас подробнее!


25 апреля, в 11:00 (МСК), Telegram-канал SAS Online SAS Quiz для абитуриентов. Проверим, что вы уже знаете о Школе перспективных исследований (SAS)? Победитель станет обладателем мерча с символикой SAS, который мы отправим в любую точку России. 

У вас будет 16 минут, чтобы ответить на 16 вопросов (1 минута на 1 вопрос). При подсчете правильных ответов учитывается и скорость ответа! 

Квиз пройдет на русском языке. Для того чтобы принять участие, просим вас вступить в наш Telegram-канал и перейти в группу SAS Quizziz, нажав на кнопку «Обсудить» и далее «Присоединиться»

25 апреля, в 11:15 (МСК), сразу после квиза, мы приглашаем абитуриентов и их родителей присоединиться к конференции в Zoom с директором SAS Андреем Щербенком. Во время конференции у вас будет возможность задать все интересующие вас вопросы про поступление и обучение в SAS.

Для участия в мероприятии необходима предварительная регистрация.

За 30 минут до начала мероприятия мы отправим вам ссылку на конференцию в Zoom на указанный вами электронный адрес.

If you are our prospective student you can find detailed information on admission, exams, scholarships and many more at the Scholarship section of the website.

If you have questions and you could not find an answer, we invite you to individual consultations for prospective students.

(05) Extra

SAS LIVE on Instagram

SAS professors, administration and students are sharing things they find interesting or care about in our Instagram live sessions. The time for live is always (almost) at 9 p.m. (GMT +5). Live sessions are happening in both Russian and English. Follow the updates in our account, join us, ask questions and post your comments!

SAS Director’s Vlog on YouTube

The disruption of the normal functioning of universities around the world gives us a chance to discuss the basic principles of the modern university, from educational models to the purposes of research. In his video blog Andrey Shcherbenok will be sharing his observations about a number of issues that concern him and invites everybody to the discussion.

SAS Quizzes on Telegram

From time to time, we organize quizzes for our prospective students, current students and friends in the SAS Quizziz Telegram-channel. All winners receive small but nice gifts from us.

SAS Zoom Bar

It’s an online-bar in Zoom where you can discuss SAS online activities (live streams on Instagram, Quizzez, Conferences and etc.), ask questions about SAS and simply socialize with SAS faculty, students and administration.

For our latest news about SAS Zoom Bar please follow us on Telegram-channel SAS Online. The language of the meetings is English

SAS Ambassadors

SAS ambassadors are always there for our prospective students, you can ask them about their educational experience and life at SAS. Do not be shy, get in touch and become friends right now!


SAS community uses this hashtag while being self-isolated to share the details and sketches of our online life.