Choosing a major is definitely not an easy task, which the second year students will soon be faced with since they will be studying the disciplines of this major for the next two years before graduation. Students choose one of the following 6 majors: Economics (ECON), Film and Media Studies (FIME), Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO), Cultural Studies (CULT), Information Technology and Systems Analysis (IT), and History (HIST).

In order to support the first- and second year students in making conscious choices and introduce them to the courses in a more holistic manner, a Major Fair was held at SAS. The presentations done within the Fair helped the students get acquainted with the courses. With the help of the SAS professors and senior students, the students got to know about the disciplines, as well as the potential career and academic paths that could be pursued further. Despite the need to choose a major, the students can take up courses in addition to that.  

The Major Fair was completed with a video essay screening from the Film and Media studies major that they had been creating during their time at SAS. The topics varied, from the evolution of social concepts to transhumanism and street art.

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