Stanford U.S.-Russia Forum Journal has published an article “Reimagining Russian Higher Education: Could an Experiment in Progressive Education in Siberia Help Transform Russia’s Universities?”

This article analyzes SAS UTMN current educational model through data and interviews with faculty, administration, and students.

The first section offers background information. The middle sections take a deeper look at the institution from the perspectives of the administration, students, and faculty. These sections also analyze which elements of the SAS model are working so far and which ones need further development. The final section sums up their findings: how is SAS, a progressive, liberal experiment, able to exist in a traditional, generally inflexible Russian education system? So far, what are the institution’s successes and failures? And finally, is SAS a fluke experiment, or is there potential to create similar institutions throughout Russia?

“At SAS, I have the ability to talk with people from other places and grapple with ideas that I don’t agree with.”

from an interview with SAS 2nd year student

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