Sara Bano is a PhD candidate in the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education program (HALE) at Michigan State University (USA). She has successfully defended her dissertation and is graduating in May 2020. During her doctoral program, she worked as Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant in the College of Education, and as an Assistant Community Director in the Department of Residence Education and Housing Services at Michigan State University (USA). She grew up in Pakistan and studied as a MEXT Scholar in Japan and later as a Fulbright Scholar in the USA. Prior to this she had her MA in English Linguistics and Literature, and BA in Fine Arts and Economics from Pakistan. She has more than seven years of experience teaching in Pakistan, US, Japan, and Thailand from high school to graduate level both in person and in online formats.

Sara Bano

Research Interests:

My experiences working as a teacher, scholar, and administrator in Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, and the USA have shaped my worldview as a global practitioner-scholar. I use an international comparative lens to understand major global issues and approach problems in higher education from a scholar-practitioner perspective. As a researcher, I strongly believe in collaborative efforts between different constituents for developing high-quality critical research projects for individual, institutional, and social change to create a more inclusive and democratic world. My research examines Adult Learning and Higher Education and has implications for policy, organizational change, student development, and teaching and learning. As a scholar-practitioner, practical implications of research are important for me. I strive to communicate with policy makers, administrators, and faculty through my work. I have experience managing both academic and institutional research projects. I have used qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods in my research work and have applied Transformative Learning Theory, Transnational Socialization, Neoliberalism, and Globalization frameworks in my research projects to better understand the complex issues of higher education in global settings. 

Key Terms:

  • International Comparative Higher Education
  • Globalization and Higher Education
  • International Academic Mobilities
  • Neoliberalism and Higher Education
  • Study Abroad and International Exchange Programs
  • Adult Education and Professional Development in Cross-Cultural Environments
  • Transformative Learning