Giacomo Andreoletti and Philosophy of Mind: Open Course

On September 21, Giacomo Andreoletti, SAS professor and philosopher, starts a series of four open lectures as part of the Consciousness, Cognition, Rationality open course. They will tackle the problem of consciousness from the perspective of philosophy of mind. 

Even though we are familiar with the notion of consciousness as long as we all have conscious experiences, consciousness remains nowadays a mystery from a scientific and philosophical viewpoint. Or, so many argue. Why does consciousness arise? What is the nature of the subjective experiences we have and what can explain them? Is consciousness completely dependent on some events in the brain? These questions lack a definite and final answer.

The lectures will follow the seminal book “The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory” (1996) by the renowned philosopher David Chalmers. During the lectures, we will address the following topics: what is the problem of consciousness, the double life of mental events, supervenience, reductive explanations of consciousness, and naturalistic explanations of consciousness.

Titles of Lectures

  1. The Easy and the Hard Problem of Consciousness
  2. Supervenience and Reductive Explanations
  3. Consciousness and Reductive Explanations
  4. Materialism vs Dualism

Due to restrictions, the number of seats is limited — 25. You must register if you are willing to participate in offline mode. The lectures' recordings will also be available on the SAS YouTube channel.