Performance in Tyumen

Duskin Drum

Performance in Tyumen
  • Petroleum performances – petroleum histories, technologies, culture and rhetoric
  • Science and technology studies, technocultural studies
  • Global warming politics, local/global intervals and articulations
  • Native American and Indigenous studies
  • Human – nonhuman relations
  • Ontological politics and translation
  • Ecological art, culture and rhetoric; ecological critique and philosophy
  • Chinese ecological art and thought, jianghu studies
  • Theatre and performance research methods
  • Popular graphic culture, comics, manga, graphic novels, posters, and anime.

    This class will devise and perform a novel spectacle about human ecology and the near future of the Tyumen bioregion. Students will learn methods of acting, design, dance, dramaturgy and critical research for devising ensemble performances and post-dramatic theatre. We will study aspects of Tyumen’s geography, ecology, economy, history, current events, and bioregion. The main focus of the course will be developing student performance skills. The final spectacle will be publically performed.

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