At the moment SAS employs full-time faculty from 12 countries, most of whom received their PhDs from best universities in the USA, Canada, and Europe.
Associate Director
Head of Education
Academic Positioning Advisor
molecular biology and neuroscience
environmental anthropology
cultural studies, comparative literature, critical theory
higher education
political science
film and media studies
art history
history, religious studies
IT, computer science, physics
anthropology, GIS
philosophy, psychoanalysis, neuroscience
social neuroscience
philosophy, physics
higher education
media studies, sociology
applied linguistics
philosophy, pedagogy
history, cultural studies
sociology, information technology
film and media studies
history, international relations, economics
IT, computer science
political theory, law and culture
governance, education
film & media studies
design, media production
media production
anthropology, archaeology
law, political science
contemporary art
media studies
media studies, cultural studies
web design, IT
media production
film & media studies
media studies
science communication
internet studies
film studies, digital culture
Head of the Education Office Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Education Office Specialist
Faculty Support Specialist
Education Office Manager
Legal Assistance Specialist
Coworking Manager
Building administrator
Education Officer