Pavel Egorov used to be a software development engineer, project development manager of the project, research projects manager in a department called Kontur Labs.

He is currently the head of the developers’ training department of the SKB Kontur company and the senior professor of the department of mathematics, mechanics and computer science of the Ural Federal University. Co-author of the online courses C# Programming Fundamentals Part 1 and Part 2, C# Project Design and platform. Master of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Ural Federal University.

Pavel Egorov

Research Interests:

Pavel’s master thesis was devoted to the development of programming languages with extensible syntax. However, now his interests mainly concern modern education methods for programmers, e.g. automation of feedback for students, training through play and contest. New ideas are implemented on the platform of online courses, as well as in the form of conventional intramural studies for developers and interns in the SKB Kontur company, particularly but not exceptionally at the school of industrial software development for students and in residential intensive schools.


Key Terms:

  • development of programming languages

  • methods of teaching programming

  • automation of student feedback

  • game formats in training

  • competitive training formats