Open Lecture “The Present and the Future of Interdisciplinarity”, by prof. Machiel Keestra

Machiel Keestra is an assistant professor (UD) at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). His research presently focuses on the philosophy of action and the philosophy of neuroscience. Since 2010, Keestra is a board member of the international scholarly Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, being the President of AIS in the period 2014-2016. He teaches in the Beta-Gamma Bachelor program, Interdisciplinary Honours Modules, the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Master program and other interdisciplinary modules at the UvA.

The lecture will be given in English.

March 11, 7.20 pm

Place: School of Advanced Studies of the University of Tyumen, 2/1 8 Marta St.

Online broadcast on SAS YouTube channel.