Open Course “International Business”

November 7 – December 19, 2019

What is international business? Why it matters to me? What is the significance of culture in international business? Will marketing strategy change or company can use the same strategy globally? How does global and regional economic cooperation and integration shape the international business?

What is International Monetary System? How can changes in exchange rates make successful business a failure? Does ethics differ from country to country? What can I learn that will help me understand global business and its impact on the overall economy and life?

"International business" class will search the answers to these questions. Students will be active participants in the knowledge creation process.


Gordana Pesakovic has rich global teaching and research experience. She has been teaching in the USA for 20+ years and was awarded twice the Best Professor Award. In addition to teaching in the USA, she has been Visiting Professor in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Serbia, Argentina, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, France and Czech Republic.

She has organized special Study Abroad Program and with her students she has visited India, Thailand, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Dominican Republic. She holds Ph.D. in Economics from University of Belgrade.

The Plan

  • Lecture 1, November 7
    International Business: World is Flat or in Cage?
  • Lecture 2, November 12
    Global Economy in Review: 1987–2019
  • Lecture 3, November 14
    International Trade and Foreign Direct Investments
  • Lecture 4, November 19
    Culture and Why does it Matter
  • Lecture 5, November 21
    Regional Economic Integrations
  • Lecture 6, November 26
    Europe in Crisis or in Transition
  • Lecture 7, November 28
    International Monetary System
  • Lecture 8, December 3
    Students’ Presentations: How to do Business in Different Countries
  • Lecture 9, December 5
    Nation Branding: What is it and why does it Matter?
  • Lecture 10, December 10
    How can Exchange Rates Destroy your Business
  • Lecture 11, December 12
    Human Resource Management in the Global Context
  • Lecture 12, December 17
    Globalization in Transition: the Future of Trade and Value Chains
  • Lecture 13, December 19
    Where does Innovation happen and why does it Matter?

Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:10 p.m.

Place: School of Advanced Studies of the University of Tyumen, 2/1 8 Marta St.

The lectures will be given in English.