Olga Ushakova is a Doctor Hab. of Philology and Professor of the Department for Russian and Foreign Literature at the University of Tyumen. She holds her PhD (Kandidatskaya) in 1988 and a full Doctoral Degree (Doktorskaya) in 2007 from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Her research interests include History of English and American Literature with an emphasis on Poetry and Drama, Modernism Studies, Comparative Literature, Food Semiotics in Literature. Olga Ushakova has rich global research experience: she has been awarded scholarships from the Fulbright Foundation (1997, 2003), a Canadian Studies Faculty Enrichment Award (2002), Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship in the Humanities (2012) among others. She is the author of a monograph T.S. Eliot and European Cultural Tradition (2005) and other writings on T.S. Eliot, Modernism, Anglo-Russian literary relations, reception of Russia and Russian culture abroad, Intermedial Studies, Food Codes in Literature published in Russia and abroad (Great Britain, France, South Korea, etc).

Olga Ushakova