SKOLKOVO "Code" Module at SAS

22 september 2022

The second module of the SKOLKOVO School of Management "Code of Educational Programs" was concluded at SAS. The participants of the program who are mainly educational program leads and educational designers gained valuable experience through immersing themselves in the unique university environment of SAS. As a dynamic institution that greatly differs from other university systems and an educational greenfield, SAS has is particularly interesting for the SKOLKOVO audiences.

The participants from leading universities, different cities, and diverse academic backgrounds, from biology to law, had a chance to directly interact with the SAS educational process. They took part in seminars and could discuss their experience with the SAS international faculty, students, and staff. The program of the module was designed in a way that combined practice and theory. The practical aspect was executed via educational design sessions through group work and project plenary presentations. A special emphasis was made on the theoretical experience exchange as well. Within the event, various activities were planned, such as lectures and discussions related to the installation of unique educational solutions, as well as the role of experiments and the digital space in education.

In a film devoted to the previous "Code" module, a different set of participants share their impressions, observations, and unusual conclusions.