New International Faculty at SAS | Devin Wangert

11 july 2022

Glad to introduce Devin Wangert who will join SAS in the next academic year. Devin is a Canadian scholar who holds a PhD from Harvard University in Visual Studies. Devin is particularly keen on New Media Theory, Financial Theory and the research of global economic trends, as well as automatization.

Devin studied in Canada, the USA, and Europe. He holds an MA in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School and a BA in Film Studies and Cultural Studies from McGill University. Having published his first book in 2019, he is currently working on 2 new interdisciplinary projects that encompass data from different domains including forensics, media communications, and surveillance studies.

Devin Wangert: “SAS is future-oriented and its interdisciplinary structure is well-suited to accommodate emergent fields. To that end, I am most excited about developing a media studies curriculum, which I am currently in the process of doing. I believe that dedicated faculty members should deliver a world-class education to students at any institution, and this is one of my primary goals as an assistant professor at SAS”.