SKOLKOVO Program Participants Immerse in the Unique University Environment of SAS

23 may 2022

Last week, the participants of the SKOLKOVO School of Management “CODE” program immersed themselves into a real university environment at SAS.

One of the main issues faced by university management is that they are often disconnected from the educational process. SAS helps the “CODE” participants solve this problem. “CODE” aims to train educators and program designers.

SAS has particular practical and research relevance for the “CODE” participants due to various reasons. Obviously, SAS is a greenfield that has been successfully operating in a regional university for several years. It is also a very dynamic structure, which is totally different from traditional university systems. On the one hand, the program included lectures and panel discussions devoted to topics that are crucial for educators, from interdisciplinary educational design and major course structures to peer learning and faculty recruitment.

On the other hand, the participants gained on-ground experience in close contact with the learning process. They took part in different course seminars, after which they discussed the implemented learning solutions with the international faculty and students. Finally, the participants could directly connect with the SAS students that are at the same time objects and subjects of the educational practices and SAS culture.

For SAS, the “CODE” program is a great opportunity to, yet again, reflect upon our teaching system in communication with 42 participants from different universities. For the University of Tyumen, it is a way to restate its value as one of the innovative leaders in the Russian higher education space.