New International Faculty at SAS | Mazen Diwani

18 may 2022

We are excited to continue our introductions of the international faculty that will be joining us in the next academic year. Mazen Diwani is an economist with practical experience working in banking consulting and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and academic activity.

Mazen obtained his B.Sc. from Damascus University (Syria), M.Sc. in Finance from Lund University (Sweden), and his PhD in Models for Economics and Finance at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). His research interests include Development Economics and the innumerable challenges that unfold before modern economies, as well as their influence on the labor market.

Mazen Diwani: “Surreal and unprecedented” – those were my two immediate thoughts when I first heard about SAS on a rainy day in Rome in 2021. By the laws of logic, SAS seems the perfect place where you have a multidimensional space of internationalization, a pot of intellectual people coming from different places and different fields, sharing their cumulative experiences towards creating interdisciplinary research, tackling the untackled, and a group of unstoppable talents, rekindling the passion each day towards one’s field.

For me, being a faculty member at SAS is the ultimate experience of interacting with bright students, collaborating with well-established researchers and tutors, and finally, diving into the beauty of the Russian version of a worldly life."