Liudmila Simonova is a professor and chair in the Department of World Economy and International Business at the University of Tyumen. She received her Specialist degree and a PhD (1983) from the University of Tyumen and her Full Doctorate degree (2003) from St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. She worked as the director of the Regional Export Academy in Tyumen and as an expert consultant for the Strategic Development Department of Tyumen regional government. She is also a member of the dissertational council on sociology at the University of Tyumen.


Liudmila Simonova

Research Interests:

Whether and how much culture matters as to economic outcomes and what its relation to institutions are; measuring the value of culture and the effect of values on economic performance; the role of trust in economic development, trust and corruption; methods of cultural variables assessment (Hofstede (link 1, link 2), Laurent, ground values as suggested by Harvard Business School); elicitation of culture elements, defining human behavior as affecting social and economic development; defining institutions and methods of the culture's transfer and change; analysis of economic successes and failures of particular countries, associated with cultural variables; culture, language and cross-cultural communication; managing cultural differences (link 1, link 2) and understanding diversity in global business (link 1, link 2, link 3).

Key Terms:

  • Comparative studies
  • Cultural economics
  • Cross cultural communications
  • Value systems
  • Religion
  • Trust
  • Corruption
  • Institutions
  • Diversity
  • Cultural transmission