Ksenia Fossaert (Yolkina) is a co-founder of CreAIted Labs initiatives, which develops experimental projects related to creative AI. While investigating the future of AI, she heads her own agency Salespitch which helps young tech companies from Eastern Europe market their products for B2B customers and investors around the globe.

Before she founded SalesPitch, Ksenia used to work at Yandex from 2011 till the end of 2015. Here she scouted for promising startup teams, and managed the company’s technology entrepreneurship outreach effort. In 2014 Ksenia joined the Yandex Data Factory team as VP of Marketing and Business Development, where she was responsible for defining market opportunities, creating marketing strategies, and managing global partnerships. 
Prior to joining Yandex, Ksenia worked as an editor-in-chief at Russia’s largest online retailer, Ozon.ru, and served as Chief Operating Officer at Glavstart, the country’s first startup incubator. During her time at Glavstart, she contributed to the launch and promotion of Russia’s first Startup Weekend.

She studied contemporary literature at Urals State University (Yekaterinbourg), and obtained a masters degree in American Literature at the Russian University for Humanities (Moscow).

Ksenia Fossaert