By way of background, I presently work as senior research in the Education Research Lab at Prince Sultan University in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). I also hold an assistant professor position in the department of liberal arts at Joongbu University (South Korea), as well as a position as a researcher at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam. The majority of my teaching load has been in the preparation of undergraduate education majors for their future roles as secondary teachers. 

Jamie Costley

Research Interests:

The broad objective of my research is to understand how variations in instructional design can affect learner outcomes and learner collaboration in online and blended learning environments. Considering this, my research focuses on addressing three broad research questions: 1. How does collaboration in online learning environments improve student learning in terms of both cognitive development and performance? 2. How can individual student characteristics affect the way in which they interact with learning materials and other learners in online learning environments? 3. How can learning materials and media be created, structured and delivered in such a way as to improve student cognitive development and performance?

To help explore these research questions, I draw on literature and theories related to cognitive load theory, media, instructional design and collaborative learning. I employ quantitative methods based on large student samples, as can be seen in my publications in Distance Education and the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. Furthermore, I have used experimental and mixed-methods to look at research questions more closely, as can be seen in my papers in the International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. While much of my research to date has focused on learner behavior in online contexts in higher learning, I am also actively working on expanding my research into the area of flipped and/or fully online cyber lecture design. To this end, I am currently involved in two main research projects, one of which looks at how variations in instructional design and media affect student cognitive load, and the other is a study of how aspects of student-to-student interaction affect learning.  

Key Terms:

  • Cognitive Load
  • Collaboration
  • Collaborative Learning 
  • Instructional Design