IT Security

The evolution of an information society, from the expansion of IT into social, political, economic and military domains to the rapid growth of IT in people's everyday lives, has resulted in an increasing range of security issues on every level of usage, from government to personal.

This course will examine the impact of information security on external and internal political processes, as well as on the economy and the social sphere. It will also assess information security’s growing influence on human rights performance and journalistic activity, while considering detailed practical solutions to these problems. Ultimately, the aim of the course is to increase student awareness in theoretical issues of information security, as well as giving them key survival skills for a world of continuous information threats.

Ruslan Gasseev:

Ruslan Gasseev is a senior lecturer in the Department of Information Security at the University of Tyumen’s Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Working with the Laboratory of Network and System Administration, he has been an instrumental contributor to the Worldskills Russia project.