“You. University. Future” Intensive Program
March 18-20, 2022

“YOU.UNIVERSITY.FUTURE” is a unique educational Intensive aiming to provide high school students with an understanding of modern higher education and support them in making the right educational and career path choices. The three-day event encompasses a set of sessions, lectures, and discussions all conducted in a collaborative international environment. The event will be taking place at the SAS building in Tyumen, Russia, on March 18-20, 2022. Several exceptionally performing participants will be awarded scholarships fully covering the SAS Undergraduate program.

The event schedule can be found below.

Day 1 (18 March)

Early Bird Programme (for those arriving early)


09:00–12:10A Day at University (for early arrivals)

  • A unique opportunity to partake in classes by professors and workshops by moderators
  • Participants register in advance 


13:15–14:15Chat Rooms 

  • Meet the SAS community and your moderators 

14:20–15:50A Day at University continues

Main Event Arrivals 


15:00–16:00Intensive Opening Ceremony & Introductory Presentation

16:00–17:30Lecture on Flaneuring: The Art of Walking


18:30–21:00Tyumen Derive

Day 2 (19 March)

09:00–10:30Reflection on Derive with the SAS moderators 

10:30–11:00Coffee Break

11:00–12:30Discussion: 7 Myths about Higher Education


13:30–15:30Discipline Fair with the SAS Faculty

  • Get first-hand insights of the subjects, study methods, and the SAS curriculum from the SAS faculty

15:30–15:45Coffee Break

15:45–16:45Group Work Intro Session

  • Discussion of how the group work will be organized

16:45–18:30Group work session with the SAS moderators


19:00–21:00Conversations about Visionaries. Celebrating Women History Month

  • In this session, to celebrate Women History Month, we will be discussing the role of women in different spheres of academic and professional life and their contribution.

Day 3 (20 March)

9:30–10:30"Professor in the Box” Group work session 

  • This will be a perfect opportunity for teams and individual Intensive participants to get one-on-one mentorship sessions with the SAS faculty members.

10:30–12:00Seminars with SAS faculty


13:00–14:00Group work session with the SAS moderators

14:00–16:30Plenary session with the SAS faculty


17:00–17:30SAS Moderators' Presentation

17:30–18:00Closing Ceremony & Remarks


19:00 onwards — Departure

All participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their work during the Intensive.

Ready to learn to navigate higher education? We look forward to greeting the participants at SAS! We are sure you are in for an incredible journey of self-development!