Indigenous Ecologies

Duskin Drum

Indigenous Ecologies
  • Petroleum performances – petroleum histories, technologies, culture and rhetoric
  • Science and technology studies, technocultural studies
  • Global warming politics, local/global intervals and articulations
  • Native American and Indigenous studies
  • Human – nonhuman relations
  • Ontological politics and translation
  • Ecological art, culture and rhetoric; ecological critique and philosophy
  • Chinese ecological art and thought, jianghu studies
  • Theatre and performance research methods
  • Popular graphic culture, comics, manga, graphic novels, posters, and anime.

    This class introduces indigenous approaches to nature, technology, and environmental justice through both popular media and critical texts. Anime and manga stories and characters offer an accessible approach to complex ideas like animism, nonhuman people, technological relations, and global ecological devastation. This course puts anime in conversation with readings from indigenous studies, sociocultural anthropology, and environmental humanities, and feminist science and technology studies, in order to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of what we mean by “ecology”.

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