History and Memory through Cinema

This course is designed to introduce students to two different types of knowledge about the past – historical memory and academic history-writing. It will examine the key problems in Russian history from the period of Kievan Rus’ to the present through the lens of major feature films, which reflect on historical memory and at the same time form it. The exploration of Russian cinematography is accompanied by the analysis of historic documents and contemporary scholarly research, so that students can understand how the films reinforce or depart from conventional history-writing.

Evgeny Grishin:

Evgeny Grishin is a historian of Europe and Russia in the period of early modernity with particular interests in language, religion, and materiality. He received his Bachelor’s degree in History and Law from Viatka State University of Humanities in Kirov and his Master’s degree in Russian History from the European University at St. Petersburg. In 2017 Evgeny earned his PhD degree with honors in History from the University of Kansas. He has been awarded scholarships from the Fulbright Foundation, Gerda Henkel Stiftung, German Historical Institute, among others.