Great Books: Literature

    Course description

    This is a collectively taught course which all SAS BA students must take during their 2nd year over two quarters. The course is comprised of 8 sections, each taught by a different professor and normally devoted to a single work of literature. The concrete literary works studied in the course will be chosen by participating professors based on their own professional expertise. It is the presupposition of the course that students will be best served if offered an array of individual approaches to literature rather than a coherent yet limited vision thereof.

    Course objectives

    The aim of this core course is to familiarize students with various literary genres, develop their ability to understand and appreciate literary texts, and introduce them to some of the great works of world literary tradition. This is not a survey course which would attempt to cover dozens of classical literary works essential to world literary canon; instead, the aim of the course is to develop intellectual skills and predispositions which would prompt students to continue reading literature and derive inspiration, insights and enjoyment from it for the rest of their lives.

    Course structure

    Each of the 8 sections of the course is 2 weeks long an is comprised of 2 lectures and 2 seminars taught by the same professor. Students will be doing close reading of literary texts at the seminars.