Global Issues

What is Global Issues?

The Global Issues course at SAS is designed to provide students with the challenge of tackling real world problems facing humanity in the XXI century regardless of their ultimate area of degree specialisation. All SAS students have to take this course in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of their first year.

Setting the stage

SAS invites acknowledged experts from business, government and academic sectors to present critical issues from their particular perspectives to our students. Guest speakers’ professional input acts as a catalyst and substantive foundation for the analytical work to come.

Providing the Tools of the Trade

Global Issues presents SAS students the instruments needed to wed individual intellectual interests with necessary cognitive skills. Hand in hand with course supervisors our students learn to survey the structural landscape, collect relevant data, and then organise their ideas into rigorous capstone case study project all from a critical analytical perspective.

Producing Added Value

Global Issues involves team work teaching students to work together and make public presentations of their projects. Subsequently, students leave the course with the undeniable sense that their personalities, knowledge and interests can substantively contribute to whatever professional endeavour they chose to undertake following graduation.