Giacomo Andreoletti studied philosophy at the State University of Milan. During his BA and MA, he mostly focused on philosophy of language working on the problem of propositional attitude reports. He achieved his PhD in Philosophy and Human Sciences at the State University of Milan in May 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Giuliano Torrengo. During his PhD studies, he spent two semesters as a visiting scholar at Columbia University.
Giacomo is currently a member of the CPT (Centre for Philosophy of Time) and a member of the Chronos project based at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In his spare time, Giacomo loves to: slumber dogmatically, multiply entities without necessity, and, in general, live an unexamined life.

Giacomo Andreoletti

Research Interests:

Giacomo is interested in any topic which has to do with the nature of time, mostly from a contemporary philosophical perspective. In recent years, he worked on the topics of free will, branching-time, future contingents, time travel, and the asymmetry between the past and the future.  A list of publications, as well as the pre-print versions of his articles, can be found here.

His side interests are categories of explanations, philosophy of interdisciplinarity, physics (quantum mechanics and special theory of relativity), formal logic, and early modern philosophy.


Key Terms:

  • Metaphysics of Time
  • Free Will
  • Time Travel
  • Future Contingents
  • Fatalism