Giacomo Andreoletti studied philosophy at the State University of Milan. During his BA and MA, he mostly focused on philosophy of language working on the problem of propositional attitude reports. He achieved his PhD in Philosophy and Human Sciences at the State University of Milan in May 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Giuliano Torrengo. He also spent two semesters as a visiting scholar at Columbia University (sponsor and supervisor: Prof. Achille Varzi). His dissertation on the metaphysics of time and fatalism addressed issues related to time, free will, time travel, and the (un)changeability of past and future. A list of publications can be found here. Giacomo is also a senior member of the CPT (Centre for Philosophy of Time).

Giacomo Andreoletti

Research Interests:

In general, Giacomo is interested in any topic which has to do with free agency and the nature of time, mostly from a contemporary philosophical perspective. Agency takes place in time and what nature time turns out to have has a bearing on whether human acts can be said to be free or not. Do future events, our actions included, already exist? We tend to think about the past as fixed and settled, whereas we look at the future as a realm of alternative possibilities. Can this intuitive thought be defended and grounded on the ultimate nature of reality? Or should we rather think that the difference between past and future is just epistemic? These and other questions have been the main focus of Giacomo’s research thus far. Moreover, he has recently been working on the problem of free will, time travel (are time travelers free? Can the past be changed?), mutable futurism, and the nature of theoretical explanations.

Side interests: physics (quantum mechanics and special theory of relativity), formal logic and Leibniz’s philosophy.


Key Terms:

  • Metaphysics of Time
  • Free Will
  • Time Travel
  • Future Contingents
  • Fatalism