Film History

This course will explore various models of film writing and film reading within a variety of frameworks (production history, reception, genre, author, intertextuality and intemediality, social history, etc.), represented through a series of select instances:

  • The history of film as a history of styles (German expressionism vs. French Impressionism in the 1920s)
  • The history of film as a history of technical and technological development (the first and second sound revolution)
  • The history of film and the history of production (Hollywood studios vs. German and Soviet cinema in the 1930s. Festivals and Archives)
  • Film forms and social history (The Classical Hollywood style, the French New Wave)
  • The categories of description (Genre and stars, film noir as genre or style?)
  • Italian neo-realism as a historical, political and intermedial phenomenon
  • The author within the production system. European Modernism and the legacy of Cinema d’auteur (New waves in France, Eastern Europe, Germany and Brazil)
  • The history of film as the history of globalization (the phenomenon of Chinese cinema)

Oksana Bulgakowa:

Oksana Bulgakowa, Professor of Film Studies at the Gutenberg University in Mayans, is a Moscow-born scholar who lives in Berlin. She has published several books on Russian and German cinema, alongside directing films, curating exhibits, and developing a number of multimedia projects.