Film Analysis

This seminar introduces the basic principles of film form and film technique, as well as the language of their description and various models for their analysis. The filmic image, movie formats, the composition of the frame and filmic space, camera movement, lighting and different types of color processing, sound design and musical scores, the cinematic body and its voice, film genres, and the principles of filmic narration and editing—from Eisenstein’s montage of attractions to classical Hollywood continuity and Jean-Luc Godard’s jump cuts—are the central topics of the course. We will move from classical drama to the flashback dramaturgy of film noir, and to contemporary forms of unreliable narration, mind games and twisted endings as seen in the work of Christopher Nolan. We will also look into the dramaturgy of episodic series, paying attention to horizontal narration, arcs, bits, etc. The seminar will include fictional and nonfictional, narrative and experimental films from different periods. At the end of the seminar the participants will be able to identify intradiegetic sound and internal focalization, and understand how Hitchcock's work with color differs from that of Tarkovsky.

Oksana Bulgakowa:

Oksana Bulgakowa, Professor of Film Studies at the Gutenberg University in Mayans, is a Moscow-born scholar who lives in Berlin. She has published several books on Russian and German cinema, alongside directing films, curating exhibits, and developing a number of multimedia projects.