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Interview with SAS professor: Jay Silverstein. Anthropology

Aztec Empire, Maya civilization, Ancient Egypt, and the perfume of Cleopatra. A desire to discover the secrets of the past, touch ancient objects, participate in the most significant archaeological excavations of our time, and make many discoveries — these dreams made Jay Silverstein, SAS Professor, who is a hero of our interview, give up his career as a police officer in California and become a scientist. We asked Jay to…

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OTHER video about Tyumen

The city is a place for personal stories. We fill it in with our expectations, disappointments, and victories. We look through the prism of our knowledge and beliefs. We paint a picture in our heads beforehand, but it's always worth coming to see for yourself. What kind of city will accept you for who you are? Will understand you, give you a space to breathe, to think, and to choose…

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MA “Experimental Higher Education”: online discussion

How to implement educational experiments while running the educational process? How to evaluate the results? How to grow an experimentative and transformative person inside the university? On July 22, at 15:00 (Moscow time), we will hold an online discussion where we will answer the above-mentioned questions as well as many others. Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI,” will share her experience of working with…

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Interview with SAS Professor: Ayla Arslan. Biology

What makes a biologist? How many years do I have to study to call myself a biologist? What does it mean to study biology within the educational paradigm of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the SAS? We asked SAS Professor Ayla Arslan, a molecular neuroscientist with teaching and research experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Turkey, and the United States, to answer these and other questions. Read the story about…

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SUMMER SCHOOL 2021. Monster Laboratory

For a whole week in June, SAS turned into an incubator of monsters. You can watch our joint thinking, monstrous creativity, and revolutionary inspiration in this short thriller. The SAS Summer School is inspired by our model of Liberal Education. Each year, 9th and 10th grade students from all over Russia come to Tyumen to test the boundaries of the possible, to face the difficulties of the present, and to…

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Dare to Experiment in Higher Education

On June 27, SAS will hold the Dare to Experiment in Higher Education forum, which will act as a discussion platform on the topic of the transformation of contemporary universities. Tradition lies at the core of higher education. Yet, universities must keep changing to stay afloat intellectually and institutionally. Experimentation allows us to walk the line between stability and innovation. Unlike parachuting foreign models, it is a way to borrow…

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First SAS Graduates

Professional training or broad education? Educational pipeline or individual trajectories? Professional self-determination at the 10th grade or at the second year of university? This year, the School of Advanced Studies (SAS), the most international BA program in Russia, which is working in the paradigm of the Liberal Arts and Sciences educational model, will have its first graduates. We are happy to share with you our video where four SAS graduates…

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Free will, consciousness, cognition (FWCC): interdisciplinary research in philosophy, AI, neuroscience, physics – June 3, 2021

While concepts such as free will, consciousness, and cognition (FWCC) were initially studied by philosophers – including by almost all ‘big names’ –, nowadays these topics are actively investigated in several disciplines. Many contemporary researchers find inspiration in other disciplines than their home field to enrich their research.  This conference brings together experts on free will, consciousness, and cognition from various disciplinary origins, notably philosophy, AI, neuroscience, and physics.  Key…

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The School of Advanced Studies (SAS) has been started an open course titled “Trauma, Depression, Anxiety in Life and Learning” taught by Julie Reshe.

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We are happy to share great news with the 9th and 10th-grades students – we announce the additional application round for the Endless Futures and Human Limitations summer school.

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