Emerging from the Shadows: 21st century African Politics

Africa provides a living laboratory in which researchers, educators and students alike are challenged to question preconceived ideas surrounding the role of the state in governing 21st century society, the extent to and direction in which glocalization of the world’s economy will influence quality of life of the earth’s population as well as how inter-state cooperation and conflict continue to be conducted on the world stage. This class will use states, cultures and identities which populate Sub-Sahara Africa to illustrate just how fluid structural conditions which define our understanding of our world have become.

David Dusseault:

David Dusseault, (PhD / MA University of Helsinki) is a political scientist by training and a policy analyst by trade. David’s Master’s work focused on International Relations and normative theories of Democracy. Later on, his doctoral research homed in on elite risk assessments as keys to regime consolidation when applied to the political economy of Russia’s regions and federal institutions during the Yeltsin period (1992–2000).

Out of his PhD research grew an interest in various structures which define the hydrocarbon business, the drivers behind energy policy formation, and the practical knock-on effects produced by the energy trade. By 2011, David was hired as Senior Market Analyst for the Finnish natural gas distribution company Gasum OY. There, he covered structural changes in the energy trade related to making hydrocarbons greener, more sustainable and yet commercially profitable.