Elena Grigorieva, PhD, associate professor in the department of History of Russian Literature at St. Petersburg State University. Elena’s research interests include Russian literature of the Golden Age, poetics, and literary theory. She was a co-designer of an innovative integrated 7-semester course of literary theory (“Introduction to Literary Studies”, “Structure and Composition”, “Poetics”, “Rhetoric”, “Hermeneutics”, and “Methods of Textual Analysis”).

Collective research projects she has been involved in include “St. Petersburg School of Literary Criticism” (2000-2), “Theoretical Fundamentals of Literary History” (2006-8), “Literary Studies and Contemporary Humanities” (2009-10), “Narrative Structures and Models of Storytelling” (2009-13), and “Theory and Practice of Contemporary Hermeneutics” (2011). She was also the head of the project that developed scholarly frameworks for the educational programs in literary theory (2011-13).

Elena Grigorieva